China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents
Harbin, China January-June, 2019


Jointly endorsed and approved by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province, The China (Harbin) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents will take place from January to June of 2019.

The purpose of the event is to attract original, innovative and leading overseas high-tech projects, talents and teams to implement innovative projects to set up new businesses with advanced technologies in Heilongjiang.

The Competition has three categories with the following themes:
1) New Generation of IT, AI, BIG DATA & Public Security  Integrated semiconductor, Electronic elements and equipment manufacturing, etc;  IOTs  Cloud-computing and Big data  E-commerce  Artificial Intelligence  Public security

2) High-Level Equipment, Robots and New Materials  Aero & Aviation Equipment Manufacturing  New-energy Automobile  Gas Turbine, Nuclear Engine, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Bio-degraded clean energy, etc;  AI Equipment and Sophisticated Processing  Marine Equipment  Rail Transit Equipment  Robots & Its Manufacturing  Intelligent Numerical Controls Programming System  Key Equipment for Photoelectron manufacturing  Additive Manufacturing  High-level Snow & Ice Equipments  Specific & Generalized Equipments  New Material Industries, esp. High-performance Metallic Material; High-performance Synthetic Fiber & Composite Materials, etc

3) Bio-medicine, Energy conservation, Environment Protection  Biological Medicine Manufacturing  Chemical Pharmacy and Drug Substance  New-generation Vaccine  Contemporary Chinese Herbal Drug  Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine  Medical Equipments  Neo-pharmaceutical Packaging  Services for Bio-medicine Manufacturing  High-efficiency Energy Industries  Environment Protection, inc. Hydrogen Energy Utilization  Resource Recycling Industries  Environment Evaluation Entities  Other Industries.



China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province


Heilongjiang Association for Science and Technology
Harbin New District Administration Committee
Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Alliance (OCEAn)

Overseas Co-organizers

Japan China Science Technology and Culture Center
Association of Chinese-European Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACEIE)
Global Talents Entrepreneurship Center Boston Division
Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association
Overseas Chinese Society for Technology & Business in UK(OCSTAB)
Coworking office, c. Blagoveshensk
Beijing health promotion association
E-commerce Association of Singapore
Ausinan Science & Technology Society
General Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Co-organizers in Heilongjiang Province

Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League
Harbin Science and Technology Bureau
Harbin Science and Technology Association
Harbin High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone
Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone
Songbei District Science and Technology Bureau (District Science and Technology Association)
Songbei District Economic Development Bureau
Songbei District Promotion Bureau for Inward and Direct Investment


Primary:January – June, 2019.
Final Competition: June 28-30, 2019.
Venue for the Final Competition: Harbin, China


Call for Entry (deadline: April 30, 2019)

The participating projects recommended by partner innovation parks, industrial organizations, investment institutions and research institutes from home and abroad shall sign up online according to the requirements on the dedicated webpage of the official website

Preliminary (Before May 22, 2019)

During this stage, invited expert professionals, venture capitals, senior executives from famous corporations and government representatives will form examining panels to examine those pre-qualified projects submitted their applications online. The examinations will be undertaken in Japan (Including Korea), Europe (Including North Europe), East and West USA before May 22, 2019. Applications from other regions will be examined via online interviewing. All together 60+10 projects will be selected to attend Final Competition.

Final Competition (June 28-30 2019)

Confirmed by the Organizing Committee, finalists will be invited to Harbin to take part in the final round during the 21st CAST Annual Conference. They will go through projects roadshow, onsite defense and comprehensive evaluation. The final winners will attend the award ceremony and received the prizes.

Post-Competition Projects Landing (July 1 - End of July 2019)

Mutual selection and project landing between winning projects and Harbin High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Limin Economic and Technological Development Zone.


This Competition is open to all overseas nationals who are innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs. They may participate either as individuals or teams, or as an enterprising entity should they qualify one of the following requisites:

As Individuals and Teams: There is no rigid limit on the age of individual contestant or team leader. They shall hold overseas Master’s Degree or above and have developed mature entrepreneurial project and business plan in the target field. Their domestically leading technological achievements shall be in line with the industrial development orientation of Heilongjiang with promising market outlook and are fit for industrialization.

As Enterprises: Closely related to the industry of target field, the competing enterprises shall be high-growth, high-tech and innovative companies which already go into production and operation. The founder or leading technological expert shall hold overseas Master’s Degree or above and over 30% of company shares.

In principal all participating projects should be start-ups. The core members of the projects must be the legal owner of intellectual property right or right to use/authorization of the participating projects. In principal applications from individuals/teams and companies which already settled down in Heilongjiang are not accepted.



Based on the outcome of the final contest, the Competition will present 1 Grand Prize, 3 First Prizes, 6 Second Prizes 9 Third Prizes  and 52 Excellence Awards. There will also be 1 Most Popular Project Award, 1 Most Valuable Project for Investors Award and 1 Best Tech Innovation Award.

Subsidy for Finalists

The expenses for accommodation and meals during the final contest in Harbin will be covered by the Organizing Committee and a certain amount of international travel grant will also be provided.

Supports and Preferential Policies

The winner of the Contest, which is supposed to enter Harbin New Development Zone (HNDZ), will be granted with following supportive items.

Enterprising support

The winner of the Contest, which is supposed to enter Harbin New Development Zone (HNDZ), will be granted with following supportive items.
● For new start-up project:
With priority of investment, by way of fund, governmental capital injection according to marketing principles, applied the capital in infrastructure and public utilities, or as equity and loans. It can also be applied in high-level personnel arrangement, or paid for technology transfer,etc.
The winners of the contest, who are supposed to enter HNDZ in the first year after the contest to start up business, will grant capital injection according to their rankings with One Million, 700 thousands, 500 thousands, and 200 thousands Chinese Yuan respectively.
The winner of the contest comes into HNDZ within two years after the competition, may apply for re-appraisal of the project by expert committee, in order to evaluate its advancement. Once it is confirmed, the winner will enjoy the corresponding preferential policies. All the winning projects in this contest will enjoy the right to enter into HNDZ with relevant policy support without further evaluation.
During this contest, several meetings will be arranged, for instance, the gathering of experts from Overseas Start-up Entrepreneurship league; along with complete consultant advisory and services.
● For capital investment
As requested by the business, equity investment above 3 million RMB may be arranged, and takes up less than 20% of shareholders within the period of 5 years. The withdrawal of investment (within 3 years) will be calculated on the basis of original capital value plus current banking interests. For those withdrawal in 3 to 5 years (incl. 5 years), will be calculated based on market value.
Provide the loan discount of up to 500,000 Chinese Yuan.
Help local business to links with qualified financial institutions, and supply with low capital finance collateral.
The Priority investment support will be given to those projects with the same investment trend of local governmental funds, such Heilongjiang Industry Investment Fund, Modern Agricultural Fund, Science & Innovation Fund etc.
For creative High-Tech project, or strategic new developing project, which is influential for HNDZ; or large equipment innovation project, will grant support with maximum of Ten Million Chinese Yuan.
● Loan Policy for office
50% of tax revenue paid by the business may be reimbursed as house purchasing or leasing subsidies.
For the projects located in Incubator or Accelerator, corresponding house subsidies may be granted with housing area less than 1,000 square meters, and average using area is less than 10 square meters per capital in three sequential years. The amount of support will be valued by its contribution to HNDZ.
● Personnel Encouragement Policies
The senior managers and technical staff (with annual salary over 300 thousands RMB) of the company with tax revenue more than Two Million RMB (with combination of tax from mother company and its subsidiaries) may be given housing subsidies in three sequential years no more than 30% of its salary.
High-level experts may enjoy Expert Apartment with housing area around 200 square meters.
For the team of Leading Goose, which is strongly supported by the provincial government, with qualified standard and according to procedures, the project financial support is no more than 50 Million RMB, for each leading members of the team may get salary payment up to One Million RMB every year and criterion of the payment may be arranged by the leader of the team. The supporting money dispatch on the term of five years; for those overseas’ return leading goose, additional start-up supporting and family allowance will be granted.


I) The contestants must be responsible for the authenticity of submitted documents. No plagiarism, embezzlement or other illegal activity is allowed. Once found out, they would be disqualified. If found out after winning, they would be disqualified for policy support. If the project is involved in intellectual property dispute, the contestant shall bear all responsibility.

2) The documents submitted by contestants are only used as reference materials for the Organizing Committee which will keep them strictly confidential.


Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Alliance (OCEAn)
Contact Person: CHEN Xiaoli
Songbei District Harbin City
Contact Person: SUN Xuebin
HOME Program Office of CAST
Contact Person: MA Xin
Phone: 13581711315
Heilongjiang Association for Science and Technology
Contact Person: DU Guanchao
The official website:
The official WeChat: overseas talents’ event on entrepreneurship

Any uncovered matters shall be interpreted by the Organizing Committee of the Competition.